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tv   CNNI Simulcast with Rosemary Church and Errol Barnett  CNN  August 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a dangerous journey. thousands of iraqi refugees flee for their lives from islamic militants. convoy controversy. ukraine threatens to stop a russianing aid convoy bound for the country. a call for calm. the u.s. president and community leaders urge restraint after the police shooting of an unarmed teenager. remembering lauren become call. the actress has passed away. >> hello, everyone. i'm rosemary church. >> welcome become to those
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around the u.s. and around the world. >> it is 9:00 a.m. in iraq where tens of thousands of iraqi people have become refugees in their own country. the united nations says the situation is now desperate. those fleeing from isis militants face jgenocide if the international community doesn't do more to help. >> the iraqi yazidis have been trapped for days now. this after isis forces told them to convert to islam or be killed. the u.n. secretary general said the world must act immediately. >> the situation on the mountain is dire. even when people manage to find a way out, they are exposed to searing heat. i urge the international community to do even more to provide the protection they need. >> the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says 130 additional
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military advisers have arrived in erbil, the kurdish stronghold in iraq. >> their mission is to coordinate relief efforts, try to figure out how to evacuate those stranded iraqis. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more. >> reporter: the first challenge for any possible rescue operation, figuring out how many people are trapped on sinjar mountain. the pentagon's top operations officer says nobody really knows. >> i have seen reports of numbers in the thousands. i've seen reports in the tens of thousands. >> reporter: the u.s. is continuing air drops of food an water and air strikes against isis positions around the mountain, trying to push militants back. a vital military step if a rescue operation is to be launched. >> we are working with international partners to develop options to bring them to safety. >> reporter: several defense officials tell cnn if there is
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any rescue mission it could be chaos like this. there will have to be ground troops from some country on the mountain to keep an evacuation orderly and secure can. u.s. officials tell cnn there are two basic options -- a massive air lift, potentially landing helicopters and cargo planes for weeks to move everyone out, or a ground operation, using hundreds of vehicles to transport people to safety. that's already begun on a small scale. a humanitarian corridor opened by iraqis has helped thousands of yazidis escape. they have been driven to the border with syria and now left with nothing, still looking to get back to their homes. but either option will require stepped up u.s. air strikes to keep isis away. for now, the u.s. says no american boots on the ground. >> there will be no reintroduction of american combat forces in to iraq.
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>> reporter: kurdish forces fighting isis may have to step in. >> they speak the language. they are better able to coordinate and cooperate. they are better able to take control. >> reporter: the defense department said it is simply assessing the options for a possible rescue mission in iraq, but if one goes forward it could draw u.s. forces even deeper back in to iraq. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. and iraqi helicopter bringing food and water to mount sinjar crashed on tuesday just after picking up up about two dozen people there. >> a tragic development. the iraqi pilot was killed. a number of passengers were injured. they were taken to hospitals in iraq's kyrgyzstan region not far away. >> ivan watson was there as hundreds of iraqi yazidis crossed from syria to the relative safety of the kyrgyzstan region after stranded on mount sinjar for days.
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>> reporter: the scene is almost biblical, a modern-day exodus. thousands of people trudge across a river to escape a violent enemy. most of them move in silence. on occasion, loved ones, separated by war, tearfully reunite. everyone is fleeing isis militants. many here refer to as dash. >> the bad thing when terrorists, dash, they attack us and our neighbors they are -- terrorist camp, they join them and actually they kill us. >> kill you. >> yes, people, our neighbors. >> reporter: many refugees are members of a kurdish religious minority known as the yazidis. one of them university student jamal jamir found his missing
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cousin here. >> we lost each other. we lost each other. they arrived. >> reporter: like many of the other refugees, jamir and his family fled to sinjar mountain more than a week ago after isis captured their town. they spent days camping on the mountain, desperately waiting for air drops of food and water. until they escaped by foot on a marathon 15-hour journey to syria. a journey that claimed lives. >> on the way, two of our brothers, actually -- i feel that i will die. they died. >> reporter: your brothers? >> yes. >> reporter: two with of your brothers died? >> yeah, baby. >> reporter: a senior kurdish official here is calling on
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foreign governments and organizations to prevent genocide. >> translator: use your power through the international law to save the yazidi from the genocide. >> reporter: by the time the refugees reach iraqi kyrgyzstan, some are too sick and exhausted to walk. this family won't go any further. for the 11th night in a row, they'll sleep in the open, but this time by the banks of the river. their dinner, two plates of donated chicken for 12 people. their beds, a few scraps of cardboard. ivan watson, cnn, on the iraqi kyrgyzstan border with syria. ♪ all right. we have new developments in the
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fight against ebola. canada is offering the world health organization up to 1,000 doses of an experimental ebola vaccine for use in west africa. the w.h.o. says it is ethical for unproven medication to be used in this fight against ebola. some are saying it is a highly controversial development. remember the u.s. is sending samples of an experimental drug to liberia. that's in an effort to treat two doctor s infected with the virus there. washington granted the export of the serum. the information minister tells cnn everyone must limit their expectations here. >> i think this represents a glimmer of hope. we want to keep it at that because there's very little that we know about this serum, except that once prior consent is given
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there is a slim chance that one may recover. >> as a reason not to put too much hope in zmapp. a spanish priest who received the serum has died from ebola. he lost his fight on tuesday morning. he was treated in madrid after contracting the disease in liberia. there are two american missionaries who received the experimental drug here in atlanta. they still appear to be recovering. the world health organization says more than 1,000 people now -- you see a breakdown here of west africa, more than 1,000 people have died from this ebola outbreak so far. our david mckenzie is monitoring the effort from our bureau in south africa. she joining us live from johannesburg. these experimental vaccines have been sent to various places but
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as far as zmap "discoverp is co doctors are taking a risk by doing this. >> it is a calculated risk. if someone is in the latter stages of the ebola virus they are likely to take anything that may save their lives. that's what the w.h.o. is saying. in this extraordinary circumstances, unprecedented outbreak, they are willing to take calculated risks. as you mentioned, there's the possibility that canada will send vaccines and zmapp is a blood treatment and another drug that is anti-viral treatment. all of these three types of drugs could be heading towards west africa. obviously with the numbers of people affected they will only skim the surface in terms of helping individual people. >> although this is something we have been discussing on cnn daily, i mean, the more evidence we see, the more serious it becomes. the w.h.o. willing to take this calculated risk and still all of
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these west african countries are issuing new travel restrictions and kind of transportation block s as well. bring us up to speed on the latest information on that front. >> well, the latest is an airline has closed the borders in terms of travel to the worst affected countries. they follow emirate and british airways. others like france and kenya airways continue to fly to and from some of the worst-affected areas. the airline industry association and others say it is not necessary, in fact, to stop flights, as long as there are precautions put in place at the entry and exit points. we certainly saw that when we were traveling out of sierra leone. they have strict temperature monitoring and taking down people's history and contact details. so, there's a sense that panic isn't helpful, but then obviously the individual countries take decisions based on what they feel will protect
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their citizens. there's a lot of work being done now, it seems -- more so than the last few weeks on the ground in these countries to try to isolate and treat those people who may have the ebola virus but it could take three to six months, if not more, to stamp out this outbreak. >> you are speaking to us from our bureau in south africa. david, you were recently in west africa where the outbreak continues to spread. how frightened are people there right now as they watch the numbers continue to climb and some of the additional travel restrictions come in to place? >> well, fear is such a big part of this outbreak. really it is getting past the fear and dispensing some information to people that is crucial. certainly groups are out there trying to tell people how to avoid getting this infection, get ing this virus. while this virus is very deadly, on some level it is pretty hard to catch. you have to actually get direct
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fluid contact with an open wound or an open area. there are some basic things that people are doing. you can see a lot of people are using chlorine water at any kind of establishment going in and out. that's helped allay fears and also rumors are so pervasive and text messages going around these countries at all times of the day and night telling people what is some kind of miraculous cure. tamping down rumors and isolating the worst-hit areas is the key to ending this outbreak. >> a lot of governments are trying to work with one another to help as many people get the assistance as they need as possible. david, thank you very much. >> all right. let's take a short break now. still ahead, could it be a modern-day trojan horse? ukraine and the west have their suspicions about these hundreds of russian trucks said to be carrying aid to war-weary
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eastern ukraine. and the curtain is drawn on a legend of the silver screen. more on the captivating life of the late lauren bacall. amamamamamamamamamamamamam rich. my social circle includes captains of industry, former secretaries of state, oil tycoons, and ambassadors of countries known for fine cheeses. yes i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers.
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coverage. as the hundreds of thousands of war-weary ukrainians await humanitarian aid, the red cross says it has not partnered with
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russia on delivering aid. right now, hundreds of trucks -- you see them there -- trucks that russia says are loaded with aid are rumbling toward ukraine. now, ukraine's government believes it is a ruse to disguise an invasion. but they are insisting a deal to deliver aid is in place. listen. >> russia keeps making new excuses for their policy n. georgia, it was the founding pro russian minorists. in ukraine, preventing nato invasion. they are trying to use the pretext of humanitarian aid and assistance and it seems they are just running out of excuses for their aggression. >> translator: i very much believe that some of the public
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announcements that have been pronounced today from kiev from some individuals with demands for some sort of new conditions that they will be disavowed and they won't disrupt the carrying out of agreements that have been reached by the russianing federation, ukraine and the international committee of the red cross. >> now the european union says if russian humanitarian aid is to come in to ukraine, it must be examined. then the red cross must distribute it. right now, the red cross says it doesn't know for sure what's in those trucks. cnn's will riply is covering this from kiev. >> reporter: there is great suspicion about this russian convoy due to arrive in eastern ukraine. 280 trucks that left moscow and have been driving on the a area in conflict with hundreds of thousands of people who have essentially been cut off from the outside world for more than a week now. people who desperately need humanitarian aid. right now they have no power. they have no water.
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they are out of medical supplies, and they are running out of food. there are concerns of disease, especially in luhansk, which has been under barrage of artillery fire for days now and the situation is getting worse in donetsk as well. the russian convoy you would think would be a welcome thing but the new ukrainian government has one thing on their mind when they look at the white trucks barrelling toward their border the annexation of crimea and think it could be a secret ploy to come under the cover of peace keeping to take another piece of ukraine. how could that happen? let's say the trucks aren't carrying food and medicine but perhaps smuggling weapons in the area. weapons that appear to be in a losing battle against ukrainian forces that are have circled their strongholds and appear to
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be closing in. a barrage of gun fire. 24 battles reported in 24 hours. the next thing that needs to happen. according to the ukrainian government to allow this convoy in is russia needs to provide a detailed list of the contents of the trucks. the trucks may have to be inspected before they are allowed to enter. this will take time. russia has not provided a full list still. once the trucks a rooif at the border they could sit as all of the governments involved try to figure out what to do as the families in eastern ukraine continue to suffer. will ripley, kiev, ukraine. still to come here on cnn, she shared the screen with some of hollywood es greatest and became an instant classic. we look back at the life of the late lauren bacall. greatest and became an instant classic. we look back at the life of the late lauren bacall. 's greatest became an instant classic. we look back at the life of the late lauren bacall. make the sc.
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welcome back. let's check the weather now. southern china is on alert for rains. we are joined now from the international weather center. >> just talking to one of the viewers, see ya social media in twie want a few minutes ago and he was telling me the am of rainfall has been impressive and every day for three to four days over portions of taiwan. unfortunately the satellite imagery shows what we have in store. a large complex of
11:22 pm
thunderstorms. you want to look for dark reds and oranges, indicative of tall thunderstorm activity. anytime you see it span 700 kilometers across from hong kong to hanoi, vietnam you know the complex of storms a serious situation as far as not wanting to be on the waters or flying in the vicinity of the storms. travel delays will be prevalent in the region, as well. at this point the heaviest rainfall is south of shanghai, hong kong, points north ward and stretches to japan as well. this is over 100 millimeters in hong kong on tuesday afternoon. 7.1 million people live here. a lot of people impacted by plenty of rainfall and a lot more in the forecast. shantou as well. and notice how it hugs the immediate coast the next couple of days. any plans out to this region of
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china will be severely impacted when it comes to the heavy rainfall in the forecast over this region. we have a title bore taking place along the eastern coast of china. it is when you have the large tidal range between the high and low tide when they come in, especially when they funnel through a narrow mouth of the river n this case across this region of china it becomes a serious situation. this region of china is notorious for large tidal bores. and of course we know with the supermoon recently and the full phase of the moon enhancing this as the high tide comes through a narrow mouth it funnels up and causes damage on the coast with the rainfall in place over the region. last thing i want to leave you with a photograph. you don't see this often. caught my attention. a heat wave in beijing. look at this cool job. this gentleman is a police officer in beijing. the temperature is 100 fahrenheit, 40 or so celsius.
11:24 pm
he is in a air conditioned cube there as he patrols the park. don't make him break a sweat now. >> what if a crime takes place? what's he going to do text or phone call from a box? >> stay put. special treatment. >> the youngsters are tweeting it, yeah. >> thank you very much. police believe actor and comedian robin with williams committed suicide by hanging. he was found unresponsive in his california home on monday with a belt around his neck and cuts on his left wrist. >> grim developments there. he was 63 years old. it will take several weeks for a toxicology report to reveal whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he died. more bad news from hollywood. film legend lauren bacall has died at the age of 89 in new york. >> she was a real screen legend. her grandson says she apparently suffered a massive stroke. she shot to fame in 1944, way
11:25 pm
back in 1944 opposite husband humphrey bogart as a sexy singer in the movie "to have or have not." >> she was known for her husky voice, sultry looks and well chronicled love life. michelle turner has more. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. >> reporter: with those words in the film audience imagination soared and the screen icon was born. the smoldering expression, downturned face and upturned eyes earned her "the look." she struck the pose because she felt insecure. >> that's what started the look was nerves, just trying to keep my head steady. >> reporter: she was more than a movie legend. she was from hollywood's golden era and the wife of actor humphrey bogart. ♪
11:26 pm
>> reporter: the big sleep was among a handful of films they made together, but their love affair was one of tinseltown's greatest romances. bogart died of cancer in 1957, leaving bacall a widow in 1932 with two small children. for a time she was engaged to family friend and singer frank sinatra. when the romance fizzled sinatra headed to las vegas. and she married and had a son and she blamed his drinking for their divorce. >> he was hooked on it and almost destroyed him. unfortunately did not. >> bacall was born september 16th, 1924, her parents were jewish immigrants, who divorced when she was just 6. as a lanky teen, she modelled to earn extra money taking her mother's maiden name bacall, adding a second "l" to make it easier to pronounce.
11:27 pm
a screen test later and hawks changed her name. >> he thought lauren bacall was better sounding than betty bacall. he had a vision of his own. he wanted to mold me. he wanted to control me. >> reporter: big screen or small, even her fellow actors viewed her as a legend. >> john houston, charlie chaplin, you know, she just knows -- or has been around everyone that has formed what we know of this business. >> reporter: bacall's film co-stars read like the who's who of hollywood but it was on broadway where she achieved her most critical acclaim. >> i loved it. that was my original dream, any way, to be on stage. >> reporter: she spent nearly 20 years on the stage starring in "cactus flower" "applause" and "woman of the year." she starred opposite barbara streisand in the mayor has two faces earning her only oscar
11:28 pm
nomination and she was still acting in her '80s in dogville and birth with nicole kidman. a diva, a film star, a broadway jewel, and a classic legend of an era gone by. >> what an amazing life, huh lauren bacall dead at age 89. back after this. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap.
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a warm welcome back to our viewers in the united states, of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. canada is offering the world health organization up to 1,000 doses of an experimental ebola vaccine for use in west africa. the world health organization says it is ethical for unproven
11:31 pm
medication to be used in the fight against ebola. u.s. is sending samples of an experimental drug to liberia. >> the red cross says it has not partnered with russia to deliver aid to eastern ukraine despite moscow's claims. a huge russian convoy said to carry humanitarian aid is set to travel to the area but a spokesman for the red cross says he has no information about the content of the trucks. the eu's haid humanitarian aid chief says the trucks must be inspected and the red cross should distribute the aid. right now u.n. officials are warning that thousands of iraq a i cans could face mass slaughter within day s, this if the world doesn't do more to help. hundreds of refugees crossed in to the relative safety of kyrgyzstan on tuesday. this after fleeing from isis fighters. thousands more, though, are still stranded on mount sinjar. the director of the
11:32 pm
institute for public policy and international affairs at the american university of beirut is joining us now live. thank you, sir, for speaking with us. i want to talk to -- we are hearing a lot of talk about mission creep. in your view, will u.s. role in northern iraq, will that need to expand beyond the current military strikes in order to stop isis in its tracks? and will other western powers need to join the fight here? >> well, clearly there will have to been an expansion of the military operations. the question is who's going to do that? who's going to lead it? who's going to be involved in it? the iraqis -- presumably the iraqi government should take the lead with the kurdish regional authority in the north. the americans are involved with air strikes and other people are involved with humanitarian air drops. you have the kurds in northern
11:33 pm
iraq and northern syria helping. some kind of coalition of forces is going to have to work together on the ground, as well as from the air, to repel the islamic states advances. what kind of coalition that's going to be is not clear right now. the americans are going to be very reluctant to take the lead on the ground clearly, and they really shouldn't. because the history of american military involvement on the ground from vietnam to afghanistan to iraq to somalia has been a sustained catastrophe for the people locally, as well as for the united states. clearly there will not be a major expansion of american involvement because it just makes things much worse for everybody. >> certainly at this point we are hearing from u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel no boots on the ground. we will keep an eye on that of course. as the u.s. air strikes and the humanitarian crisis plays out in the north of the country, the political power struggle continues in baghdad where prime minister maliki is refusing to step down.
11:34 pm
how big of a threat is it that pro maliki troops will be perhaps more focused on keeping him in power rather than fighting isis if they attack the capital, which is certainly how it's starting to look? >> i think the people supporting maliki have pretty much gotten the message that they have very little support in the country. maliki tried to harness his troops under his control, and it didn't really get very far because everybody in the political -- most of the key players in the political establishment, as well as at the grassroots in iraq feel that maliki has to go. he's essentially stepped down. the new prime minister, and the new president and new head of parliament are all consolidated their legitimate control because they were legitimately elected. i wouldn't see a big power struggle anymore. three days ago that was looking iffy. now i think that is pretty clear there will be a new government. the question is can the new
11:35 pm
government work quickly to create conditions that allow all iraqis to actually work together to face this incredible threat from the islamic state? because the iraqis must take the lead. if the fight against the islamic state is going to be led by iran or the united states or people from the north of iraq it's not going to work. you can't have foreign armies bringing order in the middle east. that's been the case since 2,000 years ago. you cannot have foreign armies stabilizing and bringing order or reconfiguring the configuration of communities and states in the middle east. this is very clear now. >> all right. thank you for talking to us. we appreciate it. bringing your perspective to this story. just this reminder, you can get the news anytime on our website by going to or download the cnn mobile app for
11:36 pm
your phone of course. >> now to some other stories we are following for you. the cease fire this gaza. it is set to expire in less than 15 hours from now. palestinian and israeli negotiators still trying to hammer out a longer term agreement. according to to recent reports both sides have achieved very little progress. meantime, take a look. this is the scene on the ground in gaza. people there trying to take advantage of this three-day truce, returning to their homes, seeing what, if anything, they can salvage. the world food program has been distributing aid this week. the u.n. agency hopes to hand out food to 730,000 people, which is in and of itself a momentous task. our senior international correspondent sara sidner is joining us. less than 2 4 hours. the cease fire ends midnight
11:37 pm
wednesday. what do we know about where the talks stand now? >> reporter: we know now -- this just came in a few seconds ago, the egyptians are pushing both sides hard to extend the cease fire, even if it is just a bit longer, giving some indication there maybe some movement on some of the talking points from both sides, but right now, until you hear anything publicly from both sides the talks are ongoing and there's no agreement yet to extend anything beyond the 72-hour cease fire put in to place. as you said, we're at the tail end of that now. it has been quiet on both sides. as you mentioned, there are some humanitarian -- there is some humanitarian assistance now going in to gaza. we know there are a couple hundred truck loads of food, water and other general supplies, as well as medicine that is desperately needed there in gaza. we know that the arab league is also involved in the latest
11:38 pm
talks. that's one of the differences from the almost a dozen talks they have had in the past. you also know this so far cease fire is holding. that is the good news for the civilians on both sides of the border. certainly in gaza there's desperation. there's also an attempt at trying to rebuild some of the -- some of the infrastructure that is really making life extremely difficult. for example, the power lines -- there's work on the power lines there to try to restore power. there's work on the sewage lines there. there was sewage in the streets at some point. so there's some work being done, but so much work left to do. we also know that we heard from israel's defense minister who with went to visit an israeli naval yard and talked to the navy there. basically telling them, look, be prepared if ar fight. if these talks fall through, if
11:39 pm
the fire starts happening, if the rockets come over from israel we will resume our operation. a warning from the defense minister to the troops. >> certainly each side is going to be verbally firm in what they say, but behind the scenes, you know, these folks are talking indirectly. yesterday's talks, it was reported, lasted some ten hours. i think just approaching 10:00 a.m. in cairo. the talks haven't resumed yet. we are looking for something to be accomplished today, wednesday, and if they agree to continue talking and extend the cease fire through the weekend that would be a major accomplishment. >> it would be something for sure. if they do that, it will be the longest cease fire we have seen in now what is in to the fifth week of this tension that has risen and of the war. the quieting down of all of this is giving a chance for people to see what they have left of their homes especially in rafah and
11:40 pm
try to get the things that were crushed, try to pull out some of their items an the most important thing is the infrastructure that serves the population. sewage lines, power lines. but again, if this falls apart those things could potentially be damaged again. everyone hoping, and certainly the international community putting a lot of pressure on to try to extend these talks and then ultimately find a much longer lasting solution which as you know is much harder to do. >> absolutely. we will see what developments wednesday will bring. great to see you this morning. let's take a break now. coming up -- >> there are more demonstrations in missouri after the shooting of the african-american teenager michael brown. we will bring you up to speed on this developing story. stay with us. new car smell and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling.
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welcome back. residents of ferguson, missouri, have been gathering to demand justice for the killing of michael brown. >> we want to show you scenes from the streets of ferguson tuesday night. it is just approaching overnight hours there now. protesters demanding to know why a police officer fatally shot the unarmed african-american teen. >> a community involving brown's parents, their attorney and reverend al sharpton took place at a church in st. louis on tuesday. >> local a officials weren't there.
11:44 pm
at the same time the governor of missouri joined the mayor and police chief of ferguson at a separate gathering at another church. >> police in ferguson are still not releasing the name of the police officer who fatally shot michael proun. >> that's because the police chief says he fears for the officer's safety now after another officer falsely named as the shooter started to receive death threats. >> reporter: michael brown's father once again came forward calling for calm. after police were met with a sec night of violence in ferguson. >> i need all of us to come together and do it right, the right way. >> yeah. >> the right way so we can get something done about this. no violence. >> reporter: police made more than a dozen arrests, used tear gas and bean bag rounds to disperse a crowd still angry over the shooting. this newly released video, taken
11:45 pm
moments after it happened on saturday, showing brown's father who was overcome by grief. eyewitnesses said brown's body was in the street for hours. >> just want justice for my son. i really do. >> we want to know why he felt the need to shoot an unarmed kid. >> reporter: the chief of police promised a full, independent investigation, the results of which could take weeks or longer. the brown family will have to wait for the official release for the name of the officer involved in the shooting. ferguson police withholding his name for now for his safety. what will also take time building trust between the african-american community and police. many young african-american men in the city share the same feelings as christopher phillips. >> i have to get stopped on a regular reason for no basis by the cops. there's a stigma toward the african-americans in this community. >> reporter: the relationship so
11:46 pm
strained community leaders say the brown shooting was the tipping point. >> i don't think it is situational a. i think it is imtosimil is symp. >> i think there is a pathway to peace through justice. >> and it is worth noting, 63% of the residents of ferguson over the age of 16 are african-american. just three of the police department's 58 officers are african-american. a little more than 5%. the police chief says he's pushed to improve diversity. he also says racial profiling is strictly forbidden. it's official. steve ballmer is the new owner of the clippers. >> after a dramatic year for the team. the sale was finalized on tuesday after the court allowed
11:47 pm
shelly sterling, to sell the team. he paid $2 billion for the clippers. that's a record for a professional sports franchise in north america. >> donald sterling had been battling his estranged wife for control of the team after he nba ousted him for making racist comments. >> what does it mean the final sale of the team to steve ballmer? >> it means, at a minimum, the team is going to survive. it wasn't clear, in my judgment, that it would survive under continued ownership by donald sterling. >> why? >> no one wanted to play or coach for donald. half of the fans didn't want to support the team that donald owned. it was a disaster. >> for more on the deal and what it means for professional sports, you can visit our website all right.
11:48 pm
canadian pop star justin bieber -- >> i know this is your favorite story. >> yeah, yeah. apparently he's taken responsibility now. he's expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges in miami beach on wednesday. a source close to the case tells cnn he will plead guilty to charges connected to his arrest there in january. >> police say they saw him street racing. they charged him with drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. a bieber rep says his team will not comment on the case until after a hearing on wednesday. a lot still to come for you here on cnn. the death of robin williams, of course, shocked the world. >> behind that wide smile was a painful battle with depression. more on the private struggle he faced when we return.
11:49 pm
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we make the most out of our time... and our money. the chevrolet malibu. the highest ranked midsize car in initial quality. the car for the richest guys on earth. the news of robin williams apparent suicide was a shock to people around the world. he was also known for his kindness but he battled a much darker side. >> he certainly was openly disdiscussing his troubles with substance abuse over the years. more recently he had been struggling with depression. but listen to the story closely and you will notice he jokes about it all the time. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome robin williams! >> reporter: perhaps it was no coincidence that robin williams
11:51 pm
hbo tour was called "weapons of self destruction." >> ta-da! you are an alcoholic and some people say robin, i'm a functioning alcoholic. you can be one. it is like being a paraplegic lap dancer. you can do it, just not as well as the others. >> it was no coincidence that he did the tour in 2009, a year after a major operation. >> please, i have had heart surgery, thank you. >> reporter: surgery he says triggered mood swings. >> after the surgery i you get emotional. people go how are you -- >> reporter: for williams it was all fair game. >> when i was growing up, people used to say, robin, drugs can kill you. now i'm 58, drugs can kill yoct you need drugs to live.
11:52 pm
>> you were -- >> i was a drunk. >> you were a drunk. do you think you have beaten it? >> no, not really. it is always there. have you beaten it? yeah, i kicked it, i'm fine. the idea is that you always have a little fear. like you have to keep at it. it is a day-by-day. >> reporter: in 1982, as a young comedian williams famously partnered with john belushi hours before the blues brother star overdosed on heroin and cocaine. >> cocaine, wonderful drug. anything that makes you paranoid and impotent give me for of that. >> reporter: he quit cold turkey and remained sober until 2003 an then relapsed and rehab. here in 2006 for comic relief. >> good to come to vegas after rehab. i love that. >> good time for you. >> it is like going to colombia
11:53 pm
where are you going for detox colombia take it easy in a 24 hour alcohol town. >> his marriage ended as a result of alcohol he said. he went to rehab joking with it about troops. >> i was violating my standards quicker than i could lower them. >> reporter: wherever he went it seems there was always laughter but with that unbearable pressure. williams suffered manic depression. >> no, i'm not always fun to be around. there is this thing of yeah the world sees one thing and what am i like at home? different, i can't always be on. >> reporter: surrounded by millions who adored and loved him but in the end could not save him. >> good night. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> williams family is asking fans to donate to one of six charities. >> including the uso, christopher and dana reeve foundation and saint jude children's hospital. find the resources you need at
11:54 pm the northeastern u.s. has been suffering the effects of soaking wet weather. >> if you are in baltimore, maryland, washington, d.c., you know this already. you were hit by massive floods. rescue crews have been working to rescue people trapped there, as well. authorities say the region has had about eight inches of rain. that is more than 20 centimeters. in fact tuesday was baltimore's wettest day in more than 80 years. >> as you see we have details on. that wet for the east coast as well. >> the last time they saw this much rainfall is in 1983 and that was the great hurricane of 1983, one of the most destructive storm to impact the eastern united states. it took with it nearly 50 lives and that was 81 years ago. it brought down 7 1/2 inches of rainfall for baltimore. 6.1 occurred on tuesday afternoon. nearly doubling the monthly average. in fact, about four of those six inches came down in two hours.
11:55 pm
officials say this is a one in a 100-year event that took place across portions of baltimore and you see the dip in the jet stream indicative of fuelling the storms that push in the region and heavy rainfall in the forecast but mainly for the extreme northeastern united states. look at monday in to tuesday. similar circumstance here with 4 1/2 inches in eight hours. again, exceeding 100 millimeters for the international viewers, about three inches is the monthly average in the scenes out of detroit impressive, as well with 100 cars stranded on this particular highway because of the fast nature of the water coming down and the flooding taking place. believe leaving their vehicles on the roadway. by morning 30 vehicles still left on the roadways and storms are still in the forecast. newark seeing 60-minute delays. that's the expectation for d.c. 90 minute delays and showers in lagarde yaen and jfk could slow people down in that region, as
11:56 pm
well. around the northwestern u.s., we are seeing cooler weather. look at the temperatures from the upper 90s, 35, 36 seattle, down down to the 70s which is close to where it should be this time of the year. 76 fahrenheit. 77 in seattle. lastly the perseid meteor showers taking place at this hour. the peak of it looking to the northeast if you are outside after sunset. typically is a good time to do so. one of the most prolific meteor events of the year. upwards of 40 meteors an hour and looks like pretty good areas across the middle section of the u.s. for clearing skies. >> all right. very cool. hopefully you have a snazzy telescope so you can see this stuff. >> maybe you can get me one for my birthday. i don't have one. >> hint hint. >> subtle. >> yes. >> thank you very much. rosemary and i will be back after the break with the world's
11:57 pm
biggest stories, including new information out of iraq. >> the u.s. is sending more advisers to iraq. includes captains of industry, former secretaries of state, oil tycoons, and ambassadors of countries known for their fine cheeses. yes i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. we are your anchor team for the next hour. i'm errol barnet. >> and i'm rosemary church. ahead this hour, fighting against isis. we'll show you how kurdish forces were able to push back islamic militants. plus, another tense night in missouri. also ahead,


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